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Our experience in providing expert, seasoned consultancy on a wide range of HR issues, including Pay Equity, goes back to 1988. Our vast experience and long track record of success have helped us become one of Ontario’s leading pay equity consultancy firms.

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You should contact HRWise immediately when:
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An employee files a pay equity complaint against you
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You receive a document request from the pay equity commission
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A union asks for proof that you’ve maintained pay equity compliance
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You’re unsure if you’ve achieved pay equity under the appropriate guidelines
If pay equity becomes a concern to your organization, call HRWise first.

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What We do

Reliable pay equity consultancy when you need it

Our clients are companies that need assistance to become pay equity compliant under the Ontario or federal Pay Equity Act. We develop, implement, and maintain detailed Pay Equity Plans to assist companies in achieving Pay Equity compliance.

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Ontario Pay Equity

Private and public sector employers in Ontario with ten or more employees must be compliant with the Ontario Pay Equity Act.
Help with Ontario Pay Equity

Federal Pay Equity

Federally-regulated private and public sector employers with more than ten employees must be compliant with the federal Pay Equity Act.
Help with Federal Pay Equity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the federal Pay Equity Act?

Canada’s federal Pay Equity Act (Act) was brought into force on August 31, 2021. It was created to ensure that federally-regulated workplaces in the public and private sectors with 10 or more employees provide equal pay to men and women for work of equal value. The Act is supported by the federal government’s Pay Equity Regulations.

Why is pay equity compliance important?

Pay Equity Legislation is in place to establish pay equity between comparable male and female job classes. Employers to which the Act applies are required to create a Play Equity Plan according to the requirements outlined in the Act. Some companies must also form Pay Equity Committees. We recommend having your plan in place now in the event of an investigation by a pay equity officer that resulted from a complaint.

When is the deadline to post my company’s Pay Equity Plan?

Employers with an average of 10 or more employers in the year before the Act came into force must have the Pay Equity Plans posted within three years of that date (August 31, 2024). Employers who became subject to the Act after August 31, 2021, must post the final version of their Pay Equity Plan no later than the third anniversary of the date on which the Act first applied to them.

What does pay equity compliance mean to me as an employer?

Under the Act, the onus is on the employer to proactively analyze its compensation practices to ensure they are equitable and in compliance with its guidelines. There is no defense for non-compliance since the date your company became subject to the Act. The best way to achieve compliance is to create a Pay Equity Plan and regularly maintain it for ongoing compliance in the event of changes to or additions of jobs.

Establishing a federal Pay Equity Plan is a very complex, time-consuming task with many moving parts. We recommend starting your plan as soon as possible and retaining the services of HRWise to make the plan’s design, development, and maintenance much easier and stress-free.

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We operate as more than pay equity consultants. Our experts work alongside you to help you understand your current position and the steps needed to move forward. We’re always on hand to answer your questions and help you navigate the complex world of pay equity with confidence and peace of mind – just as a trusted partner should.

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